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Turn every data entry into an investment in not having to do it again

Enabled by autonomous model building algorithms

Offered as light-weight API microservices for consumption in selected touch-points in your software. The result? Transformation of your data entry system into a self-learning system. Harvesting data from digital documents according to each user's preferences based on previous recordings in your software. Non-invasive on existing work flows. No configuration or learning curve for the end user.

Once integrated, users of your system will reap the benefits of self-learning automation

from the very first data entry and onwards

Build on your strengths

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, innovation will be vital in order to stay relevant.

AzoraOne allows for infinite interconnection and controlled model sharing between users of your system - powerful tools for creating automation network effects. Meaning an opportunity for you to advance beyond dry data entry automation.

By applying your customer knowledge to the in-design of AzoraOne you have the prerequisites for building new product offerings tailored to your customers' needs. Through which your customers can develop new services, human resource optimization strategies or even business models.

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