Introducing AzoraOne: Probably the most effective assistant you will ever have.

With self-learning capabilities and unlimited work capacity AzoraOne will soon become your best friend in accounting.

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Beautifully Simplistic

AzoraOne is built for everyone, which means you don’t have to spend valuable time on setup and configuration or training and education. You will continue to work in your ordinary accounting software, just as you’re used to do. Just replace your binders with a tablet, click on the AzoraOne icon and you’re ready to start working with your clients. AzoraOne will guide you through your work day.

Impressingly Effective

AzoraOne will learn as you work and will soon reduce your time spent on manual entrying of data by more than 50%. Salaries and cash receipts? Don’t worry, AzoraOne will handle them too. It will do like you do. And thanks to eliminating manual work such as sorting and organizing, AzoraOne will free up plenty of time for qualified work like counseling and analysis. Use your competence where it’s needed, let AzoraOne do the routine work.

Fun & Motivating

Thanks to the self-learning capabilities of AzoraOne, you will be able to perform two tasks at the same time; (1) bookkeeping and (2) simultaneously teaching AzoraOne how to do the work for you. And built in statistics allows you to track your progress so you can see how AzoraOne reduces your work time while learning your way of bookkeeping.

Instant access to all your clients’ documents. Share with your colleagues.

Replace all your binders with one tablet and enjoy the real benefits of online accounting. Do your bookkeeping anytime, anywhere, you will no longer be limited to physical paper documents.

Bring your work days to a new level

AzoraOne will have a profound impact on your work. Think of AzoraOne as your own new-employed accounting assistant, lacking in knowledge but eager to learn. With an infinite learning memory and tireless work capacity AzoraOne will soon learn how to perform monotonous, time-consuming tasks such as entry of data into your accounting software. The way you like to do it. But remember, AzoraOne has no degree in accounting or economics and will therefore be dependent on you to control the result and make adjustments where needed. It’s all about taking advantage of competences and strengths; AzoraOne will be the hard-working assistant and you will be its guiding mentor.


Keep all your clients' documents in only one binder

Get rid of paper binders once and for all

Replace them with a digital binder

Ease of use

Continue to work in your ordinary accounting software

No time-consuming education or setup

Press the AzoraOne icon and you’re ready to go


Enjoy automatic adaptation to your preferences

No configuration or manual instructions

AzoraOne will learn how you want to do your work


Experience increased work speed and capacity

Get rid of monotonous and boring work

Focus on the fun and rewarding work

Same computer. Same accounting software. Just replace your binder with AzoraOne.

The transition to true online accounting couldn’t be simpler; replace your paper binders with a tablet, press the AzoraOne icon and you’re ready to go. AzoraOne has an intuitive and simple user interface that will guide you through your work. It’s almost like working with your ordinary binder – only much more convenient, effective and faster.

Self-learning is key

AzoraOne differs from the competition in more ways than one but the biggest advancement in comparison to other systems lies in its self-learning capabilities. This feature means a big leap forward in the evolution of accounting software and opens up completely new opportunities for you as a professional accountant.

The single most important feature that separates AzoraOne from other systems is its ability to emulate your behaviour, or as we call it, learn your way of doing things. This ability to learn is an important pre-requisite for the superior flexibility of AzoraOne. For example, unlike other systems, AzoraOne can learn to select data from almost any document type and bookkeep the selected data just as you would. This means that AzoraOne is not limited to supplier invoices or
payments, AzoraOne will learn to handle all document types you normally handle. It doesn’t matter if it’s an invoice, a cash receipt or a salary – AzoraOne will learn to handle them all. Just the way you do it.
And don’t forget: AzoraOne is self-learning, you don’t actively have to teach or instruct AzoraOne how to do the work. Just work as you use to do, AzoraOne will learn while you work.

This means

Do your bookkeeping in your accountant software as you normally do, just replace your binders and paper documents with a tablet. AzoraOne will learn how you want to get things done.
Thanks to its self-learning feature, AzoraOne will soon be able to pick out the data for you – you just confirm or correct. The result? A more than 50 % reduction in work time.
AzoraOne will be able to handle any document type. No need for paper documents anymore.

And the statistics?

We have completed two pilot studies so far with great success. Both studies have been conducted on two of the biggest audit firms out there, commonly referred to as members of the Big Four. Due to confidentiality concerns we can’t provide you with in-depth information from these tests yet, but you will find some tidbits from the results presented below. All numbers presented are excerpts from the results from day 3 into the studies.

Pilot study 1

Tier 1 Audit firm
May 2014
AzoraOne FNOX 1.0

Accuracy in data suggested by AzoraOne
Time reduction compared to day 1
Average time spent on bookkeeping a verification

Pilot study 2

Tier 1 Audit firm
Sept 2014
AzoraOne FNOX 1.0

Accuracy in data suggested by AzoraOne
Time reduction compared to day 1
Average time spent on bookkeeping a verification

These figures were obtained after just three days.
We welcome you to find out what AzoraOne can do for you.

We are dedicated to our users & product

Since day one we have had only one goal in mind; to develop a product that provides you with a user-friendly and cost effective alternative to traditional paper binders. And we are proud to say that we have succeeded to make AzoraOne the most effective accountant tool on the market. But we won’t stop here, our technology platform provides us with many exciting opportunities that will help us bring you the most cutting edge product possible. Joining the AzoraOne team will mean taking a step into the future of accounting.

It has been an exciting journey to get AzoraOne to the market. Four years of market research, concept development and programming. And the most exciting thing of all; meeting our future customers. And knowing we had our sights set on a very competetive market, we have taken our time to get things right from the start. This ambition paired with strong confidence in our technological solution and concept have allowed us to bide our time and not releasing our first version of AzoraOne until it is just as great as we want it to be.
And now it is.
We are quite confident that you haven’t seen anything like AzoraOne before. To put it humbly; it’s a new way of doing things. Forget everything you have learned about document handling systems or invoice processing services, you will not need it anymore.  Or, by the way, please do remember – it will only make the difference so much clearer. You will experience the difference the very first time you work in AzoraOne. And from then on it will only get more obvious; this is the way of doing things.
We are going to build on and make the most out of the opportunity to become a leading force in the upcoming robotization of the accounting industry.
The Arkimera brand should be associated with corporate social responsibility, a bright future and quality of life.
Guideline for our development will be to create conditions for a more meaningful life for the individual while we strive to contribute to the prosperity of the society in which we operate.
To us, online accounting is more than web based accounting software. It’s freedom from monotonous work.


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