Welcome to Arkimera Robotics

On this page you will get information about our company and our staff members. Soon you will also get the story behind Arkimera Robotics. Scroll down to learn more about us.


The company

Arkimera Robotics AB is a Swedish start-up company in the machine learning field. Although there are many benefits of moving some core functions to a larger city, our main location is Kalmar, the old Hansa-town on Sweden’s south-east coast. The drawbacks – such as distance to many customers, investors and other stakeholders – are outweighed by access to high-qualified developers and other critical resources. Our strategy is to offer industry-specific software developed for the specific needs of accounting firms striving to automate the bookkeeping process. Thanks to a technology that can analyze, predict and emulate the behavior of its user we can offer highly adaptive software providing fast implementation and exceptional work efficiency.

Cloud based accounting software is growing its market share around the world at an increasing pace on behalf of traditional desktop systems. One bottleneck however, is the digitalization of the documents that constitute the basis for the bookkeeping process. Today’s solutions to this problem are cost-ineffective and difficult to implement. This is where Arkimera Robotics comes into the picture. We are taking an innovative approach to radically simplifying the use of digitalized documents in the bookkeeping process. We have developed a cost-effective and scalable solution that serves as a complement to existing accounting software while offering low and predictable costs for implementation.
This selected niche has significant commercial potential and our high level of specialization enables us to meet target customer needs more efficiently than general accounting software solutions.

The backbone of our products is a technology that through pattern recognition and algorithm processing provides built-in self learning capacity. This means a real game-changer when it comes to design and conceptualization of new products, with this technology we can build solutions to traditional problems that means a big leap forward in comparison to current solutions.

Our first product is AzoraOne, a self-learning bookkeeping robot.

By using AzoraOne as a complement to their ordinary accounting software, our customers can easily attain a complete online bookkeeping process while simultaneously cutting costs and expanding their margins.

Meet our people

Our core team consists of eight dedicated members with different backgrounds, each one contributing with qualities and knowledge that we believe will truly benefit the development of our business. The team expands at a fast pace right now, we update the profiles as soon as we can. You will probably find most of us below though.

<strong>Kenny Håkansson</strong>
Kenny HåkanssonFounder & CEO

Kenny started his first business, a removal firm, in 1998 after studying Biomedical Chemistry for four years at Kalmar University. Kenny has worked in many different roles and phases of a company, which means that he has a stable base to work from in his current focus; bringing a startup to the market. Add scientific perspective and critical thinking attained from university studies in Biomedical Chemistry and Medicine and you have the prerequisites to accomplish something truly innovative on the traditional accounting market.

Specialty: Creative solutions to common problems.

<strong>Erik Lindblom</strong>
Erik LindblomFounder
At the age of 23 Erik started Flyttservice Kalmar län AB, three years later he was a finalist in Årets Företagare Kalmar, losing the title by only two votes to Comenius AB, one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies in the area of Human Capital Management. The jury’s motivation? “Changing the public view of what a removal firm can be.” Not bad for a 26 year old, right? Well, with a work capacity second to none and an inability of leaving things for tomorrow, Erik is a critical component in the Arkimera machinery.

Specialty: Getting things done. Now.

<strong>Thomas Nilsson</strong>
Thomas NilssonDeveloper

Thomas has been involved in computer programming since the days of the Commodore 64 in the early eighties. He knows software programming from the ground and has a very broad foundation of programming languages and techniques. The Arkimera journey has meant obstacles considered impossible to overcome by other programmers – Thomas has proved them all wrong. Being a dedicated fan of mathematics and abstract thinking Thomas loves building elegant algorithms and calculations.

Specialty: Making science fiction today’s reality.

<strong>Linda Bigün</strong>
Linda BigünDeveloper
<strong>Mattias Rosell</strong>
Mattias RosellDeveloper
<strong>Nijole Almlöf</strong>
Nijole AlmlöfKey Account Manager


Arkimera Robotics is a participant in the incubator program at Kalmar Science Park which is run in collaboration with the University of Kalmar and supported by the EU, ”Innovationsbron Syd”, the city of Kalmar and The Regional Council in Kalmar County. Besides providing a network of specialists and a stimulating environment, the program gives us access to a business mentor.

Our mentor has been an invaluable resource to us, especially when it comes to seeing the big picture and make our business concept global right from the start. Our mentor since day one has been Leif Medin, a well-merited founder and board member of a dozen companies like Audumbla and Lagerhaus. Since his retirement this spring we now have the privilege of enjoying the support and expertise of Ulrik Brandén who has extensive experience in business management and consulting.

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