Erik Lindblom and Kenny Håkansson from Arkimera have completed the Born Global V 2015 program as certified by CBI, Centre for Business Innovation at Chalmers University of Technology. Born Global is a company and management development program for high-tech growth companies aspiring to go global, lead by Professor Sören Sjölander.

Born Global V 2015 has put us and ten other selected startups through an intensive process of Customer Development and Business Prototyping in an effort to accelerate our identification of scalable business models. The methods used have been developed by faculty at Stanford University and Chalmers in collaboration with entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and Sweden. The program has been running since 2012 accelerating 50+ startups.

Demoing efiler

Erik and Kenny successfully performing a live demo at the final Business Review at SUP46 in Stockholm.

The Born Global V 2015 started in December last year and has been organized around a number of practical workshops with the purpose of training participating entrepreneurs in Customer Development and Business Prototyping. Born Global provides a stepping stone to going global – one of the modules was carried out in Silicon Valley, California, where we met with American entrepreneurs and VCs. The Silicon Valley field trip was an intense and very inspiring module packed with workshops, company visits and pitching opportunities. Workshops was run by American practitioners with solid Silicon Valley track records. From the first day of our stay in Silicon Valley we knew that we would return, we spent most of the first weekend at Intuit’s (the world’s largest supplier of accounting software) amazing head quarters in Mountain View – breathing in the atmosphere and enthusiastically discussing future opportunities. We are now planning the opening of our first satellite office in the area. If all goes according to plan, we will be able to team up with potential partners and investors in Silicon Valley by the end of this year.

Throughout the Born Global process, each startup has been supported by an experienced coach – we had the pleasure of working with Bengt Järrehult. Bengt is Director of Innovation and Knowledge Management for SCA Hygiene Products and SCA Packaging. He is also Adjunct Professor in Innovative Packaging Logistics at the University of Lund. Bengt earned his M Sc in Chemical Engineering in 1976 and later his PhD at Chalmers University of Technology. He has international experience and is frequently lecturing on and boosting innovation implementation both within SCA and at Universities and Industrial Networks. We will continue to work with Bengt to aid future growth.

A panel of seasoned VCs and entrepreneurs have provided us feedback, insights and shared experiences through recurring Business Reviews. We have established dialogues with some of the VCs we have viewed as especially valuable to our company’s development, going global means venture capital to enable the fastest expansion possible.

We would like to summarize the Born Global as a very rewarding and exciting experience; we have broke down many of our mental limits, learned valuable lessons from the best people out there and developed a mindset that will be essential in our pursuit of a global venture. If we would get the chance to do it all over again, we would.